Crispyy and Shakyyy Punter!

Fond of Punter’s servings

When we think of foodie places. The very first place that strikes on my head is Satya Niketan.
There are n number of places that one can try over here. students from colleges, especially of South Campus always head up here for there college events, celebrations, parties. And each and every place is better than the other in many ways.
So here is one such place which is Punter House. First of all, this place is at the top of the list of every party lover. That’s why at times it would be difficult to get a seat here. (especially on weekend).


Oreo Shake and Red Velvet Shake

Oreo Shake and Red Velvet Shake

So let’s start with Shake. as I was going through the menu I finally decided to have one Oreo Shake and one Red Velvet Shake. Both of them taste so Yummm!! The Red Velvet Shake is too sweet in taste. But on the other hand, if you are a”Chocoholic” I must suggest you try Oreo shake. It is really amazing. This Oreo Shake will costs you nearly Rs.129. And trust me it is worth trying.


Chilly Potato

Now come to the starters. This would be one of the best servings of punter house. The crispy chilly potatoes over here are soo mouth watering. In each and every bite you will feel the taste of its crispiness and spiciness. It will costs you around 169. These crispy fried potatoes are finely tossed with Chilli Sauce. If you are a Chilly potato lover then I must suggest that one should try the Chilly potatoes of Punter house whenever one would get a chance. And if you are not very fond of chilly potatoes then also you should try it here, I bet you will become one.

So for parties, birthday celebration, Friendship Day celebration or any other kind of celebration, punter house would be one of the best places. One should visit Punter House whenever one gets a chance.  Here you can enjoy the music as per your request with your loved ones. The service of the staff members is quick and appreciated. The food is very nicely garnished. I bet the people once been here would definitely want to come here again and again.

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