Rainy Eid by the Jama Masjid

Rainy Eid by the Jama Masjid

This year I decided to go on a food walk on Eid and what better place to do that than the bylanes of Old Delhi? The area around the Jama Masjid is well known to have some of the best non-vegetarian and street food in the city.

However, on this particular day, it appears that the rain gods had other plans and decided to bless Delhi with copious amounts of rain in the afternoon making me cancel my plans for the food walk with friends.

Jama Masjid

jama masjid

But the desire to go and have good food on a rainy evening, once awakened, does not die out easily and so, mom in tow, I took the metro from Tilak Nagar to Jama Masjid metro station.

The decision to do so was based on the shortest distance from the station to food point as per Google maps. But what Uncle Google does not tell you is the condition of the path from A to B after it rains….

The path towards the closest eating point skirted the mosque and past an animal market where several goats were kept ready for the post Eid festivities.

One weird phenomenon that I noticed was that almost every goat had a colourful band around its neck. Mom insisted on having her picture taken with one such specimen

Old Delhi

old delhi

I looked around and came to the conclusion that it was to distinguish the goats from one another and avoid disagreements between vendors and purchasers.

After navigating the incredibly slushy path to Al-Jawahar restaurant, we managed to get a seat on the first floor. The second floor is apparently reserved for families and couples. Groups with even only one female member were strongly encouraged to go upstairs.

We ordered a plate of Mutton Qorma for 195/- and a plate of Kaleji Gurda (Giblet and Liver) for 180/- and the food, once it arrived, was worth all the effort spent in getting there.

The Qorma was spiced heavily and tasted absolutely fabulous while the Kaleji Gurda had less of the giblet and more of the liver. The server apologized when bringing the dish as it seemed that the restaurant was running low on Giblets, it being Eid and all.

Mutton Qorma

After dinner, to get our digestive system working, we decided to walk from the restaurant to the Chandni Chowk metro station as I did not want to repeat the experience of walking in the slush and mud back to the JM metro station, especially after dark.

Mutton Qorma

Fortunately, the walk to the CC metro station involved a relatively dry path and after a wrong turn which added another 10 minutes to our walking time, we made it to the metro safe and sound.

Also, it being Eid, we saw groups of men sitting outside restaurants waiting for free food which is an annual occurrence this time of the year. Something to ponder about, seeing as how so many people can’t afford the food that we easily throw away.

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